Social Psychology Re-blog

The term I picked was “Scapegoat Theory“. I picked this term, because I have heard this term before a bunch of times, and I never knew what it meant, and I have always been curious about what all it entailed.

The blog I have found is

This blog talked about the history of the word scapegoat, and how it was used many times. It explained that in the Hebrew culture they actually used a goat and let all their sins on to it, then took it out into the wild to let it die. The Ancient Grecians chose a beggar, cripple, or criminal to be shunned out of their society due to a natural disaster. Henry VIII scapegoated his wives by saying they were the reasons they didn’t give him a son (heir). It also said that the witch burnings were scapegoats due to the fact that they could not explain some of the phenomenas. A lot of people then, and now blamed the Jews for WWII because they thought that Hitler might have been right, and that they did do something wrong.  It basically says that people always want someone or something to blame other than themselves.

This blog relates to what we learned in class because, in class we did talk about this history and what happened in World War 2. Even from the beginning of time, people pointed their blame on other people or objects so that they could just direct it onto something else. Many people pointed at helpless things as their scapegoat, like what we do today. People pointed it at animals, beggars, cripples, criminals, wives, witches, and even Jews. Most people thought this was the right thing to do, and if you tried to speak up and not go with what the majority of people agreed on, they became the next target.



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