Sociopaths–Final Blog

I feel that something that stuck out to me throughout the semester was when we learned about Sociopaths. I feel this because over the summer, I was introduced to one. I was not told he was a sociopath until I hung out with him a few times with some friends. He told me, and I did not believe him, then his friends confirmed. He was on several medications, and he also used drugs, and drank alcohol. During a conversation with him, he told me that he had an anger problem and his girlfriend made him angry one time and he hit her, so he went to jail. He had just recently gotten out of jail for assault. He also tried many times to seduce me, but he did not succeed. He sacred me greatly so I tried very hard to lose contact with him. He tried to contact me a couple times and I did not answer him or talk to him at all. When I saw him in public, I avoided him and made sure I left places before he could get a chance to talk to me. I have not seen him since the summer, and I do not plan on it. Nobody came out and told me that he was a sociopath, but in my head I diagnosed him, mostly because I though he was crazy, but mostly because he told me he had anger problems. I feel this will help me by knowing the “symptoms” and how they act.

Honestly, I did not like this class of Psychology 101, I did not feel that the things covered in this class were a one hundred level class. When speaking to a counselor who reviewed my notes, she told me that she did not learn the things we are being taught until she reached graduate school. I also did not like the way that this class was a lecture based class. I do not do well with just taking notes and listening to a professor talk. I like more interactive classrooms, and feel that the class should better fit the likings of the students. I feel that I talk for a lot of students when I say that.


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