Re-Blog Assignment

The word I chose is cognition.

I chose this word because it has to do with a lot of things that the brain does, like thinking, knowing, remembering, and communicating. I also chose this because I don’t really understand the whole meaning, and I would like to understand it fully.

 A lot of people assume that educational success depends on children’s abilities in preschool age, it is also determined particularly by the family. The family’s influence is measured as the effect of education of the care taker and by their home environment.  The home life is determined by the material in the homes like toys, books, chores, etc. It is also determined by joint time, like going to an art/history museum, or some place educational and fun for the child. Home-influence is by educational and non-educational aspects of the families.

This source relates to my word by showing how it directly relates to the cognition of development of children in preschool. It shows how home life does relate to how the child learns, like if the child has a lot of home stimulation (i.e. books, educational puzzles, etc.) it also shows the difference between countries, and which one has more stimulation at home.64 It also shows social class, and how the difference between higher paid families differ from more poverty stricken families.83 It says “early cognitive outcomes do not consider the cognitive development of the child prior to the dependent outcome”.

What we covered in class was that it was part Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development, and that it was the mechanisms of learning.



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